Silk Road

While many restaurants go to various lengths to impress you with their designs, Silk Road does the opposite. This small restaurant is barebones with generic wooden walls and plain floors and an open counter. While what this place lacks in design, it makes up for in its great tasting spicy chicken. This is a very simple place, the cooks are constantly making food, and thus when you order you get your food right away. If you want an extra kick, you can always ask for extra sauce. Now for you vegetarians, you can replace the chicken with tofu, but be aware that you will have to wait as time is needed to cook.


There isn’t much to this place other than their spicy chicken meal. However, that signature entrée is just that damn good that you just don’t care about anything else.

Address: 19 S La Salle St #106

Telephone: (312) 558-1999


日本語で:Silk Road (シルク・ロード)