On the southern part of Greektown lies a true European style café called Artopolis. This unique place has such a warm feeling when you walk in thanks to its bright colors and wide-open spaces. The open kitchen allows you to see what is cooking and along the right side is their bakery with a massive selection of sweet which you should try them all as all of them are delicious! Another interesting feature to this place is it has a partial second floor here one can look over the balcony and see the ground floor below. Aside from the sweets, they also offer different dishes, and one thing that is highly recommended is their artopita which is a baked sandwich with cheese filling inside along with various items depending on which artopita you ordered.


Post dinner items included, many desserts from éclairs, fruit tarts, and Greek pastries such as baklava along with lattes or cappuccinos to go along with these treats.


Overall, Artopolis is just a great place to dine. The warm feeling you get when inside, along with the excellent food and desserts you enjoy while there, it is just an awesome experience.

Address: 306 S Halsted St

Telephone: (312) 559-9000