Chicago Executive Flight School

Ever dream of soaring through the skies? One place that can help you achieve your dreams is the Chicago Executive Flight School. Located at the Chicago Executive Airport (PWK) in Wheeling, this school has been helping its students achieve getting their wings, whether to conquer a new skill for pleasure, or to help them start on a new career path. Beginning in 1994, the school offers a wide range of courses from your private pilot, to achieving commercial rating. The school is very student orientated, thus each and every student can go at his or her pace and all instructions are 1 on 1.


To start off you take an immersion flight, where you get to actually control the plane and learn everything the pilot does with the pilot sitting next to you. Learn all of the knobs and functions, making and receiving radio calls, even performing the take off. For the first flight in general aviation, this school offers 3 packages, 1) fly near the airport to learn how an airplane works, 2) the downtown experience and see Chicago in a different light or, 3) the Lake Geneva Flight, which is a flight to Lake Geneva and that offers learning how to deal with going to a different airport.


Aside from it being a wonderful place to learn, for those that are already pilots, they have an ever growing selection of planes to rent for either a few hours around Chicago or a weekend excursion throughout the Midwest. For when you want to expand your world and see it in a different light, Chicago Executive Flight School can help you get there.


Address: 1098 S Milwaukee Ave #102, Wheeling, IL 60090

Telephone: (847) 465-8359


日本語:Chicago Executive Flight School(シカゴ・エグゼクティブ・フライト・スクール)