Greek Islands


Greek Islands is a Chicago staple of Hellenic taste, and for those exploring the city, it is one that is a must visit. Nestled in the section of Greektown, it has been providing authentic Greek food since 1971. One of their pillars to such a success has been the fact that many ingredients and seafood are meticulously selected for the highest quality and then directly imported to the restaurants and served to your table.


Walking in, the décor is that of a Mediterranean villa, which feels very welcoming and especially more with the traditional Greek music playing in the back ground. As you walk further in, you will notice the attention that they give to deliver top notch service, as the host greets you and immediately sits you down followed by a team of busboys who quickly place napkins and silverware on your table. Afterwards the wait staff comes by and takes your order. The menu is expansive but not overwhelming. Should you be interested in trying different items at once, you can order a combo which will be two smaller size entrees on your plate.


The design of the seating arrangement is a very attention-grabbing one as some areas are on different levels with certain areas being very open while others are secluded. Should you have some free time after dinner, I recommend checking out the bar as they serve Greek liquor Metaxa, that some patron say is a good after dinner drink. All in all, Greek Islands is one of Chicago dining gems, with a fun atmosphere, great food, and did I mention free valet parking?

Address: 200 S. Halsted St

Telephone: 312-782-9855


日本語で:Greek Islands(グリーク・アイランド)