The Art of Chicken

If you want chicken, only chicken, and nothing else but chicken, one place that comes to mind is The Art of Chicken. In the Bucktown area, this simplistic restaurant offers chicken and nothing but. Inside this restaurant, it’s very colorful and decorative, yet simple in its presentation. Operated in a manner that is fast food, you order at the counter, picking which of the two seasonings followed by the amount of chicken you want and sides if you so wish.


When receiving the food, you notice how tender and flavorful it is. With the chicken seasoned over night, it allowed the juices to be soaked in the meat. Art of Chicken also offers two different homemade salsas to add to the flavor of the food, a green salsa with a bit bitter but tasty, or reddish orange salsa that is quite spicy.


There really is not much to this restaurant, but it does get straight down to business when it comes to chicken. With such a reputation this is an excellent spot for a quick eat. Also, with Ipsento and GBD next to it, you can have your dessert and after lunch coffee.

Address: 2041 N. Western Ave

Telephone: 773-697-9266


日本語で:The Art of Chicken(ザ・アート・オブ・チキン)