For the young and hip clubber, Underground is the hottest club of them all.

Known as the sexiest bar/ nightclub, this place has it all, with its heart pounding music, that will definitely get your body moving to the different beats with drinks to get you in that loose state. To get in, you have to take stairs underground (hence the name) and walking in you come across the main room and further down is a smaller room. These two different rooms, which both providing a very up- beat, high paced environment, this venue is not for those of you that like a more relaxed atmosphere or that tends to take it easy. When the club is in full swing, be ready for a barrage of lasers, lights, and fog machines filling up the place and the music blaring as loud as possible.


Underground offers wide variety of dance music, as it hosts many guest DJs from all over the world along with many concerts featuring different artists in the dance music industry. To fully experience Underground, one can order bottle service and a table for themselves and friends, and for those looking to go all out, a private party is in order as the location can hold up to 425 guests, and is great for any occasion such as birthday parties or fundraisers.


Now, as enjoyable as this club is, there are a few things that are negatives about this spot. For one, it is a very crowed place with long lines you have to wait in unless you are in contact with someone at the door, however, if you are a woman or a guy that has a girl in his arms, cutting to the front of the line is possible. Also, there is a $20 cover charge at the door. Considering it is a premium place, it commands a premium price since just about everything is very expensive.


In the end, Underground is a fun place to experience nightlife in Chicago, while listening to today’s top artist and having a good time drinking with friends. If you are lucky you may just catch one of your favorite celebrities partying it up!


Address: 56 W Illinois St

Telephone: (312) 644-7600

Website: www.theundergroundchicago.com/

日本語で:Underground (アンダーグラウンド)