Since 2011, there has been a new Mexican restaurant taking Chicago by storm and its name is Carbon. Most Mexican restaurants are usually sit-down places, though not Carbon, it is more of a take out place that has seating. While on the outside it may not look much, its what they make that is sending a buzz throughout town! The steak is tender for better flavoring, tortilla is cooked with olive oil for healthier eating and all natural beans and vegetables, nothing from canned sources.


Aside from their main entrees of burritos and tacos, the guacamole and chips is one to die for, its that good! If you want extra flavor to your meal, they offer different salsas from very mild to extremely spicy. Another unique thing about them is their desserts, all homemade with original recipes, with one in particular being the chocolate quesadilla similar to a regular quesadilla, except filled with chocolate instead of cheese.


With all these benefits, the best is the price, and for those on a budget it offers high quality food without breaking the bank. For those that are lazy but still want to eat Carbon are in luck, as they deliver.


Address: West Town – 810 N Marshfield Ave.

Bridgeport – 300 W 26th St.


Telephone: 312-225-3200


日本語で:Carbon (カーボン)