Ali Baba

For those that don’t like that loud hectic environment of bars and clubs, one great alternative is Ali Baba, the hookah bar. What makes this place a great alternative to typical hang out spots would be the relax atmosphere and smoking hookah isn’t as harsh as cigars or cigarettes. There are plenty of couches and seats to sit down and stay a while. Along the walls are T.V. playing very catchy Arabic music videos and artwork of people smoking hookah. You can order food such as kabobs and shawarmas and drinks such as soft drinks or tea(no alcohol though) while you talk or play board or card games. Located to the back on the right side is a smaller room that tends to play more dance music with disco lights and everything reminiscent of a nightclub. If you venture to the back towards the bathroom, there you will see how they prepare the hookah from putting the tobacco in and heating up the charcoal that goes on top of the hookah. All in all Ali Baba is definitely a great place to relax with good food and chill atmosphere with good friends smoking over a good hookah.


Address: 4046 W. Lawrence Ave

Telephone: (773) 202-1992


日本語で:Ali Baba(アリ・ババ)