JPNLifeChicago Graffiti Party/ JPNLife Chicago グラフィティパーティー

Lazo’s Restaurant in collaboration with JPNLifeChicago is hosting the 1st of many parties to come.

On July 9th, 2016 JPNLifeChicago will be hosting Graffiti Party 2016. Where you can get your artistic groove on! Bring your friends and your white T-shirts and draw each other up.

Take a marker and draw cool designs and symbols on your shirts and that of your friends. Be creative and see what you and your friends can come up with. After you are done, relax with drinks and food, while listening to music.

$10 at the door, and includes food/drinks.


Markers will be provided.


Contests for who has the best graffiti design.



JPNLife Chicago グラフィティパーティー


Lazo’s レストランとJPNLifeChicagoとのコラボでこれから行われる数多くのパーティーの第一回目を開催します。

2016年7月9日(土)、JPNLifeChicago主催で「Graffiti Party 2016」を行います。ここであなたのアートの才能を発揮できます。ぜひ お友達と一緒に白いTシャツを持参して/着てきて下さい。お互いに絵を描きましょう。