Café Colao

One of the many small shops of Humboldt Park that displays its Puerto Rican roots is Café Colao. This small shop is one of the best coffee and sandwiches places around the neighborhood and possibly all of Chicago. Walking inside, you see a lot of items showing its Puerto Rican heritage. The place itself is small with some tables and a counter for eating inside, however seating does expand when the weather warms up as they have outdoor seating.

The sandwiches are incredible as they use this soft fluffy bread and are filled with your choice of meat and add-ons. To go with your food, their best known drink is a latte made from carioca coffee beans known as Café Colao. For when you are done with your meal, try their excellent assortment of Hispanic treats. Their guava and cheese pastry is one of the best as the cheese cancels out the sweetness of the guava. Overall, Café Colao, is a nice spot for a quick bite with the Puerto Rican touch.

Address: 2638 W Division St

Telephone: 773-276-1780


日本語で:Café Colao (カフェ・コラオ)

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