Medieval Times

It’s one thing to enjoy a dinner and a show, it’s another to enjoy it 11th century style at Medieval Times. This nation-wide franchise gives an exciting experience to eat like a noble, eating with your hands, cheering your respective knight, drinking beer and being merry.


When attending the event, tickets are ordered ahead of time and are picked up at the box office. (You may be able to get tickets from the box office and the time of the show, however this is not recommended as typically shows do get sold out rather quickly). Next depending where you sit, you are given a crown of your respective knight, followed by a photo opportunity with the king and the royal family. Before the event, you can walk around, grab a drink at the bar, and see various artifact such as weaponry used during the medieval times, along with buying souvenirs.


Next the show begins with the backstory, and then the games and the 4 course meal, which include tomato soup, corn, chicken, and dessert. (If you have any dietary needs, make sure to let the staff at the front desk know) The show itself is quite entertaining with the demonstration of horsemanship, jousting, tests of skills, and the fighting!


Overall, it is a fun experience coming here. It is a great group activity, especially for those that are coming to Chicago and are looking something unique to check out.


Address: 2001 North Roselle Rd., Schaumburg IL 60195

Telephone: 1-888-935-6878

General website: Medieval Times

Chicago website: Medieval Times Chicago

日本語で:Medieval Times(メディーバル・タイムズ)

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