If you are looking for a neighborhood favorite where you go in and everyone knows your name, then that place you are looking for is called Ipsento. Located in the Bucktown area of Chicago, it has been the host to great coffee, competition, great friends and possibly numerous philosophical debates.


Since opening in 2006, they have done their own roasting, with beans from various parts of the world. Thus, providing an exceptional experience every time. With a pleasant environment to sit both in the front or in the back of the shop, you can relax, do your work, or chat with your friends.


The best part about Ipsento is the feel of community, where they host classes to learn more about coffee, and events where you can compete and test your palate to determine various parts about coffee, though it may leave you with a caffeine rush. Along with that you get to talk and hang out with the staff which really builds on the community aspect and it becomes more that just barista/customer relationship.

Address: 2035 N Western Ave

Phone: (773) 904-8177

Website: www.ipsento.com