Bar Deville

Bar DeVille


In Ukrainian Village is a dark looking building, providing a one of a kind experience that provides a laid-back atmosphere. That bar is called Bar Deville or “bar of the city” from its French translation.


When one first walks by, it’s a ominous looking place, with crystal light fixtures and lace curtains, giving it a mysterious appeal. When one walks inside, the dim lighting and European influenced design, helps set the scene, and with a wide selection of beers, ranging from small local breweries to the commonly known brands, and mixed drinks, from basic to carefully crafted martinis and margaritas, there is something to match your mood. The spacious areas and the comfortable booths are very welcoming and as one starts to make their way in to the back area, you will notice a photo booth to take pictures as a way for remembering your time there(be aware that most nights there is a long line).  Past that is a pool table to play games and make bets. In the back room is another bar along with the dance floor playing the current night’s DJ playlist. Surrounding the dance floor are semi-circle couches to relax between songs.


Bar DeVille, one of the hidden gems of the Chicago, with an European inspired décor and paintings, one feels a lively aura, and unlike other bars, the music is kept reasonable, so one can have normal conversations. The downside to this place is that it is cash only, but they do have an ATM, and due to the space limitation and its popularity, if you don’t get there early (before midnight), you will have to wait in line, which at times can be up to an hour.

Address: 701 N Damen Ave

Telephone: (312) 929-2349