Need a place to cheer for your favorite sports team? Looking for a local Chicago bar to have a good time with good beers? Anthem is your place to be. Located in the Wicker Park area, close to public transportation and the highway, it is an easy place to get to. Walking inside, there is a feeling of being at a relaxed spot, ready to scream your head off as you watch your favorite team compete to win the game! With wide spaces, you’ll feel very comfy without having to bump into people, and with four 60” TVs and a 190” and a 150” projector you will never have to worry about missing a moment of whatever game you are watching. With chalkboards having what specials are and a big American flag on the ceiling, you get a sense of nostalgia from bars of the old days.


Their food it probably one of the best bar food you could find around in the city. Their main item known as the “Jucy Lucy” is a cheese stuffed hamburger patty, cooked to order, is one delicious hamburger. Among other top items are the drumlettes, chicken wings in the shape of lollipops which the sauce of your choosing put on them to make an excellent snack. Then there is the best appetizer in the area, known as the “Waffle Fries.” They are waffle fries, with parmesan cheese, sea salt and black pepper poured on top, with a little hot sauce on the side, it is the perfect food companion to whatever main course you order, and can be added to any burger for only $1.99.


Overall, the price is right for a relaxed place to meet with your friends and to watch your favorite sports teams.

Address:1725 W Division St.

Telephone: (773) 697-4804