GBD Cakes and Sweets (Golden, Brown, Delicious)

For an up and coming establishment in the Bucktown area, GBD Cakes and Sweets is made quite name for itself. Opened in June of 2014, this small family owned pastry shop has cranked out various unique pastries. Due to their dedication to provide the very best, the chefs make all of their pasties same day, thus you know whatever you are getting is fresh and of excellent quality. Whether it is cheesecake, cupcakes, cookies, donuts, etc. etc. whatever you desire that can make it. Along with what they have on display, they can make things to order for any occasion, to your exact specifications. For when you are in the area looking to try something nice and delicious or to calm that sweet tooth down GBD is a place to go!

Address: 2039 N. Western

Telephone: 312-401-7065


日本語で:GBD Cakes and Sweets(ジー・ビー・ディー・ケーキ・アンド・スウィート)