Sabri Nihari

Sabri Nihari is a Pakistani restaurant in the Indian neighborhood on Devon Avenue in the area known as West Ridge. Walking inside one gets a sense of welcome and warmth as the entrance is filled with ambient lights and warm colors painted on the walls. The dining room is huge with lots of space for even a full house of patrons. The ages of people here range from younger children to college students to the elderly. For those who are a fan of south Asian cuisine, there are many familiar dishes that you will recognize, and best of all, the prices on the food here are very reasonable (ranging within the $10-$15 area) and it’s a relaxed place to bring friends and family alike (if you have children they will even accommodate them with the kids menu). The food itself is simply gorgeous, as they take pride in the presentation and it tastes amazing. For the taste of Pakistan without having to leave Chicago, Sabri Nihari is definitely a top pick.


Address: 2502 W. Devon Ave

Telephone: (773) 465-3272