Jim’s Original

Jim’s Original


In a hurry, need a quick bite to eat, and that is also cheap? Jim’s Original on Union Street is the place to be! In University Village, close to University of Illinois at Chicago, Jim’s Original (commonly known as just “Jim’s”) from 1939, has been serving up the Original Polish Sausage.

A small shop, designed for grab and go eating, has been making polish sausages the Chicago way, which is mustard and grilled onions. However, be aware of the annoying looks of Chicagoan if you ask for ketchup on your sausage. (Chicago doesn’t do ketchup, it’s just an unspoken law) For those who are impatient to eat, just next to the ordering station is a metal counter to set down your food and eat away.

For those that aren’t a fan of the polish sausage, there are burgers, fish sandwiches and hot dogs. All orders include mustard and onions, with peppers on the side and free fries.

Open 24 hours, whether you’re rich or poor, you’ll never know who’ll you bump into. To sum it up, if you want a quick bite to eat before or after work, or after a night out, anytime is a good time to grab some Jim’s

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