Of the many restaurants of Chicago, one that brings the lively spirit of Cuba to the streets of Chicago is Paladar. The restaurant brings the concept of paladar, which in Cuba are self-employed home-grown family-run restaurants that were the counter part to the state-run restaurants. These paladares, among tourists have become known for their vivid interactions with Cuban reality and for those looking for homemade Cuban food.


Walking inside along the walls you will see many pieces representing life and culture of Cuba such as domino sets and cigars and photos showing locations along the country. In the back there is a large room for private parties and for a band during nights that there are live music.


When ordering, each table, one receives three sauces, which are habanero, spicy avocado, and tangy barbeque to complement your order. If you are confused on what to order, the best suggestions is their main item, the traditional Cuban dish called “ropa vieja” (literality translates to old clothes) which is a slow roasted pork that is cooked with barbeque sauce making it very tender and sweet. Usually accompanied with your entrée are the traditional Cuban sides of black beans, white rice and plantains, which are cooked bananas that are very sweet. To top of your meal, the best recommendation is guava with cream cheese and Cuban coffee.


For a festive and enjoyable night with colorful food Paladar is one that will not leave you disappointed.

Address: 2252 N Western

Telephone: 773-252-4747


日本語で:Paladar (パラダール)