Medieval Times

It’s one thing to enjoy a dinner and a show, it’s another to enjoy it 11th century style at Medieval Times. This nation-wide franchise gives an exciting experience to eat like a noble, eating with your hands, cheering your respective knight, drinking beer and being merry.


When attending the event, tickets are ordered ahead of time and are picked up at the box office. (You may be able to get tickets from the box office and the time of the show, however this is not recommended as typically shows do get sold out rather quickly). Next depending where you sit, you are given a crown of your respective knight, followed by a photo opportunity with the king and the royal family. Before the event, you can walk around, grab a drink at the bar, and see various artifact such as weaponry used during the medieval times, along with buying souvenirs.


Next the show begins with the backstory, and then the games and the 4 course meal, which include tomato soup, corn, chicken, and dessert. (If you have any dietary needs, make sure to let the staff at the front desk know) The show itself is quite entertaining with the demonstration of horsemanship, jousting, tests of skills, and the fighting!


Overall, it is a fun experience coming here. It is a great group activity, especially for those that are coming to Chicago and are looking something unique to check out.


Address: 2001 North Roselle Rd., Schaumburg IL 60195

Telephone: 1-888-935-6878

General website: Medieval Times

Chicago website: Medieval Times Chicago

日本語で:Medieval Times(メディーバル・タイムズ)

Medieval Times(メディーバル・タイムズ)


Medieval Times(メディーバル・タイムズ)

あるディナーとショーを楽しむのと、Medieval Timesで11世紀風のディナーとショーを楽しむのは別のものです。この北米でフランチャイズ展開しているMedieval Timesでは楽しい体験ができます。まるで昔の高貴な人のように、手でチキンを持って食べ、自分の騎兵を応援し、お酒を飲みながらお祭り気分に浸れます。







住所:2001 North Roselle Rd., Schaumburg IL 60195


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シカゴのウエブサイト:Medieval Times Chicago

In English: Medieval Times





もしお店に入って誰もがあなたの名前を知っているような近所のお気に入りの場所を探しているなら、Ipsentoという店がまさにそのお店です。IpsentoはシカゴのBucktown (バックタウン)エリアにあり、お店に行くと美味しいコーヒーやコーヒーコンペティション(テイスティング)を楽しんだり、素敵な友人に出会うことができます。場合によって、そこで哲学的な討論も。





住所:2035 N Western Ave

電話:(773) 904-8177


In English: Ipsento


If you are looking for a neighborhood favorite where you go in and everyone knows your name, then that place you are looking for is called Ipsento. Located in the Bucktown area of Chicago, it has been the host to great coffee, competition, great friends and possibly numerous philosophical debates.


Since opening in 2006, they have done their own roasting, with beans from various parts of the world. Thus, providing an exceptional experience every time. With a pleasant environment to sit both in the front or in the back of the shop, you can relax, do your work, or chat with your friends.


The best part about Ipsento is the feel of community, where they host classes to learn more about coffee, and events where you can compete and test your palate to determine various parts about coffee, though it may leave you with a caffeine rush. Along with that you get to talk and hang out with the staff which really builds on the community aspect and it becomes more that just barista/customer relationship.

Address: 2035 N Western Ave

Phone: (773) 904-8177



Gentleman’s Cooperative (ジェントルマン・コーポラティブ)


Gentleman’s Cooperative (ジェントルマンズ・コーポラティブ)

自分を最高に見せたいですか? 最高級のカスタムメイドの服探しを楽しみたいですか?それなら、Gentleman’s Cooperative がまさにそのお店です。近隣の既製服のお店とは違い、Gentleman’s Cooperativeは、真の創造性を体験できる場です。それは、芸術とファッションの融合により唯一無二の服を形作り自分がどんな人かを表現することができます。


Gentleman’s Cooperativeは、シカゴダウンタウンの金融街中心にあります。たとえどんな大事なイベントが発生してもその人が最高に見えるよう手助けし男性の装いをより良くしています。まずコンサルテーションを設定すると、Gentleman’s Cooperativeのチームはその顧客の人柄、職業などアイディアを得るためにいろいろ質問します。そして、完璧な仕上がりになるよう、肩幅から胸囲、腕周りに至るまでサイズを20箇所以上測ります。その後、定番のグレーからよりかわった柄の生地の中からスーツの生地を選びます。いったん生地を選ぶと、その後は糸の色、何百の中から裏地を、そしてボタンまで選ぶことができ、自分の創造力を発揮できます。全工程を通して、お店のチームは生地や色の組み合わせについて教えてくれます。そして、最後に世界で一つの最高傑作を手にします。スーツの次はドレスシャツです。シャツも生地からカフスに至るまでカスタマイズすることができます。


それだけでなく、このお店ではコートからネクタイ、ジーンズ、女性服に至るまであらゆるものを特別注文することができます。最高の自分を表現したい人には、Gentleman’s Cooperativeが一番のおすすめです。

住所:111 W Jackson Blvd, Penthouse



In English: Gentleman’s Cooperative


Gentleman’s Cooperative

Like to look your best? Enjoy exploring the finest custom garments around? Then Gentleman’s Cooperative is the place for you. Contrary to your local off- the- rack shop, Gentleman’s Cooperative is a place of true creativity; a blend between art and fashion to form unique one-of-a-kind pieces that become an expression of who you are.


Located in downtown in the heart of the financial district, Gentleman’s Cooperative has been improving men fashions by helping them look their best for whatever occasion arises. When you set up a consultation, the, team at Gentleman’s Cooperative asks you questions to have an idea of who you are and what you do, then take over 20 measurements from the length of the shoulder, size of your chest to even the circumference of your arms, to ensure a perfect fit. After that, you pick the fabric of your suit, which goes anywhere from your basic blues and grays to much more interesting patterns. Once you pick a fabric, you can get pretty creative with the designs that you choose; you can pick just about any color for contrasting thread, choose from hundreds of lining options, and even down to the buttons! Throughout the whole process, the team guides and educates you on which fabric and colors will go best, and in the end you have a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Next comes the shirts, which that too is customizable from fabric to the inside of the cuff.


And that is not all, they can customize everything, from coats, to ties, to jeans, and even do women’s clothing. For those looking for the best, nothing beats Gentleman’s Cooperative.

Address: 111 W Jackson Blvd, Penthouse

Telephone: 312-361-1166


日本語で:Gentleman’s Cooperative (ジェタメン・コーポラティブ)


Blue Havana (ブルー ハバナ)


Blue Havana(ブルー・ハバナ)

タバコ通(つう)の人、上質のシガー(葉巻)を試す良いお店を探しているなら、シカゴにはBlue Havanaをはじめいくつかの卓越したお店があります。シカゴで最も豊富なシガーセレクションを誇るBlue Havanaには、世界各地からのものがあり、店に足を踏み入ればシガー愛好家は必ず満足するでしょう。






最後に、Blue HavanaはシカゴのLakeview (レイクビュー) エリアの要の一つで、お店の歴史、常連客、店員、地元仲間の雰囲気で知られています。

住所:3240 N. Clark St.

電話:(773) 242-8262


In English: Blue Havana

Blue Havana

Blue Havana


For the tobacco connoisseur, searching for a good shop to sample some quality cigars, Chicago hosts several excellent shops with one of them being Blue Havana. Boasting Chicago’s largest boutique cigar selection, from various parts of the globe, there is something that would satisfy every aficionado that walks through its doors.


Aside from just selling cigars, carries various tobacco accessories to purchase, and for those you would like to immediately enjoy their newly acquired cigars, there is a lounge in the back where you can work, relax, watch a movie, and meet new friends.


In the first Friday of every month, there is a smoker, which is a cigar event, provides a great opportunity to sample a particular brand that one usually wouldn’t know about. Aside from trying new labels, it is also an excellent networking event as many people that frequent these events comes from various backgrounds belonging to many different industries.


In the end Blue Havana, is a pillar of the Lakeview neighborhood, known for its history, its clientele, its employees and overall community feel.

Address: 3240 N. Clark St.

Telephone:(773) 242-8262

日本語で:ブルー ハバナ

Sabri Nihari (サブリ・ニハリ)

Sabri Nihari(サブリ・ニハリ)

Sabri Nihariは、West Ridge として知られるエリア、Devon Avenue(デボン通り)にあるインディアン街にあるパキスタン料理レストランです。店内に入ると、入り口は間接照明と暖色系の壁でお店の歓迎とあたたかい雰囲気を感じ取れます。ダイニングルームはとても広く、どんなにお客さんがいっぱい入ってもスペースがあるぐらい広いです。お客の年齢層は子供から大学生、年配までと幅広いです。南アジア料理が好きな人にとっては、見覚えのある親しみある料理がたくさんあるでしょう。お料理の値段は$10~15ぐらいでとても良心的です。お店は、友人も家族も同様に連れて行けるリラックスできる場所です。(小さい子供がいる場合、キッズメニューを用意してくれます。)料理自体は、お店が自慢にしているようにお皿の盛り付けがとても豪華で、そして素晴らしく美味しいです。シカゴを離れずにパキスタンの雰囲気を経験するには、Sabri Nihariが間違いなく一番の場所です。


住所:2502 W. Devon Ave.

電話:(773) 465-3272


In English: Sabri Nihari

Sabri Nihari

Sabri Nihari is a Pakistani restaurant in the Indian neighborhood on Devon Avenue in the area known as West Ridge. Walking inside one gets a sense of welcome and warmth as the entrance is filled with ambient lights and warm colors painted on the walls. The dining room is huge with lots of space for even a full house of patrons. The ages of people here range from younger children to college students to the elderly. For those who are a fan of south Asian cuisine, there are many familiar dishes that you will recognize, and best of all, the prices on the food here are very reasonable (ranging within the $10-$15 area) and it’s a relaxed place to bring friends and family alike (if you have children they will even accommodate them with the kids menu). The food itself is simply gorgeous, as they take pride in the presentation and it tastes amazing. For the taste of Pakistan without having to leave Chicago, Sabri Nihari is definitely a top pick.


Address: 2502 W. Devon Ave

Telephone: (773) 465-3272